LPG Services

LPG Services.

LPG is the energy of the future, smart investors are already investing into the future envisaged for the industry

We will be glad to assist with your start up plans; contact us today for your feasibility reports, business plans, government licensing & permits, engineering & construction & other advisory Services.

  • LPG Consultancy Services: Feasibility reports, Business plans and Advisory Services for LPG related projects.
  • LPG Plant design & Construction Services.
  • Supply of LPG storage tanks and equipments, for domestic use and Gas Plants
  • Installation of equipments and maintenance of LPG plant/facility.
  • Construction/Building of LPG gas Plants
  • Supply of Synthetic Natural Gas (SNG) systems, (a mixture of LPG vapour and air on a ratio to stimulate Natural Gas in operation). We aim to meet the needs of existing and potential Natural & Liquefied Petroleum Gas users as back up or insurance service.

Skid-Mounted LPG Filling Station.

We market Mini LPG cylinder refilling plants, these plants are mobile and easy to operate. This type of refilling plants requires very small piece of land/space which could also be moved at will to any other location and could be powered up with as little as a 5kva generator as alternative source of power. The plants generally have up to 30years operating life span. This plant may be located around a residential hub; many consumers prefer buying gas in their locality.

LPG Equipment and accessories:

1. LPG storage tank
2. LPG tank trailer
3. LPG tank truck
4. bobtail

SNG is a blend of LPG vapor with Air to a specific ratio:

• SNG and NG can be interchanged with no adjustments of the burner, regulator or orifice(s) required
• SNG and NG have identical Wobbe Index
• SNG and NG generate equal amounts of heat and combustion properties
• SNG flame propagation velocities nearly equal those for NG
• Two ingredients required: LPG and Air.
• Liquid LPG is stored in tanks under pressure
• Liquid LPG is pumped from the Storage tank to the Vaporizer.
• At the Vaporizer, the liquid LPG is heated until it becomes LPG vapor
• The LPG vapor and compressed Air is blended approximately 55:45 ratio. The resulting mixture is SNG
• The SNG is discharged into the existing Natural gas line and into the Process plant.

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