Industrial Burners

Industrial Burners.

We are Sole distributor for NTFB Combustion Equipment USA Inc. brands in Nigeria & Ghana.  We are based in Lagos with regional offices in Abuja, Port Harcourt & Enugu for Sales & Service support.

NTFB’s Packaged Industrial Burner Systems provide fully assembled solutions for new boilers or retrofit projects, and  are equipped with advanced design features, including a low NOx burner register and wind box assembly, adjustable fuel injectors, reliable igniter, mounted multi-fuel piping module, mounted BMS & Combustion control system panel, etc.

We have over 150 operational installations worldwide and more than 40 years of engineering experience working with qualified combustion equipment manufacturers and consultants in the U.S. and abroad, offering high quality burner systems at competitive prices.

We provide training opportunities to allow our partners use their own service provider to maintain their combustion equipment. However, we can also provide our own specialized service as requested.

We partner with Boiler manufacturers, engineering contractors and consultants to bring our customers a single point of contact in our turnkey projects.

NTFB Burners provide a full range of capacities for Industrial water tube boilers meeting the most demanding project requirements.

Design Features:

• Optimized air-fuel ratio.

• Uniform mixing, adequate swirl angle, and minimum oxygen levels for both gas and oil firing.

• Minimal excess air, with no excessive spikes in flame temperature profile.

• Long service life, designed for optimum safety and stability.

Low NOx Emissions.

NTFB OGM swirl-type burners utilize staged combustion to create fuel-rich and fuel-lean zones within the furnace. This results in low NOx levels that comply with strict environmental standards, while maintaining high boiler efficiency and reliable flame stability.

Oil-Fired Burner Characteristics:

• Liquid fuels include heavy No. 6 fuel oil to standby diesel fuel oil.

• Low emissions capabilities (varies with fuel oil type and characteristics, consult factory High turndown ratio.

• Can also burn almost any type of poor quality oil to high viscosity oil

Flame shapes can be refined to virtually any furnace dimensions, making NTFB burners ideal for new or retrofit boiler projects

Gas-Fired Burner Characteristics:

• Low emissions capabilities.

• High turndown ratio.

• Flexible design to allow for future combination gas and oil firing.

• Adjustable gas spud injectors while in operation to optimize flame shape and performance.

• Fuel types include natural gas, refinery gas, coke oven gas, landfill gas, and other waste combustible gases such as blast furnace gas and town gas.

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