• LPG Consultancy Services: Feasibility reports, Business plans and Advisory Services for LPG related projects.
  • LPG Plant design & Construction Services:
  • Supply of LPG storage tanks and equipments, for domestic use and Gas Plants
  • Installation of equipments and maintenance of LPG plant/facility.
  • Construction/Building of LPG gas Plants
  • Supply of Synthetic Natural Gas (SNG) systems, (a mixture of LPG¬†vapour and air on a ratio to stimulate Natural Gas in operation). We aim to meet the needs of existing and potential Natural & Liquefied Petroleum Gas users as back up or insurance service.

LPG Equipment and accessories

  1. LPG storage tank (3,000L – 200,000Liters)
  2. LPG tank trailer (20M3-60M3)
  3. LPG tank truck (5M3-35.5M3)
  4. bobtail (5M3-35.5M3)

SNG is a blend of LPG vapor with Air to a specific ratio

  • SNG and NG can be interchanged with no adjustments of the burner, regulator or orifice(s) required
  • SNG and NG have identical Wobbe Index
  • SNG and NG generate equal amounts of heat and combustion properties
  • SNG flame propagation velocities nearly equal those for NG
  • Two ingredients required: LPG and Air.
  • Liquid LPG is stored in tanks under pressure
  • Liquid LPG is pumped from the Storage tank to the Vaporizer.
  • At the Vaporizer, the liquid LPG is heated until it becomes LPG vapor
  • The LPG vapor and compressed Air is blended approximately 55:45 ratio. The resulting mixture is SNG
  • The SNG is discharged into the existing Natural gas line and into the Process plant.